Shaw Holiday Shopping 2017

Welcome to Shaw Holiday Shopping 2017!  Here is Shaw for All (Men, Women, even your best friends), for all seasons, whatever, wherever, whenever!!

Disclaimer: Just for Laughs and Holiday Fun 🙂  If you go ahead and make purchases,  it’s your own responsibility!!

Let’s begin by a trip to the Bernard Shaw Flea Market!

And you can dine at The Bernard Shaw Restaurant!  Have a look at their Menu!

But you don’t have to go to Dublin, as you can do on-line “window” shopping (though we are not sure if The Bernard Shaw Restaurant can do Food Delivery to your home!)

You can decorate your office/house with: George Bernard Shaw Posters (or to use this to cover that huge window in your office overlooking the corridor).

As an ardent Shavian, you have to have a Bernard Shaw Mug on a Bernard Shaw Coaster including Tiles to show your stature.  Don’t forget the Bernard Shaw Drinking Glasses to Toast the New Year!

To demonstrate you are a Shavian, do match your toast with one of those Bernard Shaw quotes on alcohol!

When you are going to parties (or to churches), it may be a good idea to wear a Bernard Shaw Button.  Of course you have to wear one of these Bernard Shaw Apparels.  You have a choice of: Cotton, pre-shrunk for the beaches, or T-shirts, including pyjamas and hoodies for Men and Women.  They call this a George Bernard Shaw Dress … let me know why?

You can even find a nice new pullover for your best friend i.e. Dog.

Shaw is probably one of your most invaluable property, worthy of a Bernard Shaw Keychain and a Bernard Shaw Keyring to hold your house and office keys.

Wherever you go, remember to have a Bernard Shaw License Plate!  There are options: this one with Shaw’s photo, or you prefer one without?

Perhaps you will be thinking about giving yourself or your beloved a treat?  There is Bernard Shaw Jewellry: Pendant, Or you like this Pendant instead?  This one may be nicer?  Ask her!

Ah yes!  Don’t forget your grandma, or you would like your grandchildren to get this poster for you!

You may be attending a party (or parties) and would like something nice and seasonal for your hosts.  What about these fabulous works of art?  Glass Sculpture, or this glass plate: remember to take Option 3 to show your loyalty to Shaw!

Should you want any of the above, remember to put a George Bernard Shaw Stamp on you Letter to Santa!

Happy Holidays, and All Best Wishes for 2018!




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