The Major Barbara Pilot Project

Welcome to the Major Barbara Pilot Project! This page is dedicated to educating the public on the subject of the play Major Barbara, written by George Bernard Shaw and published in 1907. In this 20th century play, Shaw pens the character of Major Barbara, a woman born to wealth, who believes that by helping the poor and devoting her life to the Salvation Army, she can aid in saving the world. This ideal is shaken only after the introduction of the play’s antagonist, her estranged father, Andrew Undershaft, a wealthy businessman who unveils to her the hypocrisy of the Salvation Army. The play serves as a comedy filled with social commentary on a world fixated on money.

Please familiarize yourself with the Major Barbara page which yields to the various productions, videos, and electronic publications of the play.

The play was also adapted into a movie that made its way to theatres in 1941. Filmed during the Blitz bombing of 1941, the production team ran in various obstacles in which they had to overcome in order to finish the movie by its preconceived release date. Shaw was majorly involved in the production of this film as he adapted his play for the movie as a script and screenplay. The film stands to be one of the most successful is a lineup of collaborations between Shaw and director and producer Gabriel Pascal, gaining much critical and financial success during its run.

Click here to watch an excerpt of the 1941 movie in which Major Barbara gives her famous speech about happiness in finding God to the public.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the full movie here.

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