Shaw Holiday Shopping 2017

Welcome to Shaw Holiday Shopping 2017!  Here is Shaw for All (Men, Women, even your best friends), for all seasons, whatever, wherever, whenever!!

Disclaimer: Just for Laughs and Holiday Fun ūüôā¬† If you go ahead and make purchases,¬† it’s your own responsibility!!

Let’s begin by a trip to the¬†Bernard Shaw Flea Market!

And you can dine at The Bernard Shaw Restaurant!  Have a look at their Menu!

But you don’t have to go to Dublin, as you can do on-line “window” shopping (though we are not sure if The Bernard Shaw Restaurant can do Food Delivery to your home!)

You can decorate your office/house with: George Bernard Shaw Posters (or to use this to cover that huge window in your office overlooking the corridor).

As an ardent Shavian, you have to have a¬†Bernard Shaw Mug¬†on a¬†Bernard Shaw Coaster¬†including Tiles to show your stature.¬† Don’t forget the¬†Bernard Shaw Drinking Glasses to Toast the New Year!

To demonstrate you are a Shavian, do match your toast with one of those Bernard Shaw quotes on alcohol!

When you are going to parties (or to churches), it may be a good idea to wear a¬†Bernard Shaw Button.¬† Of course you have to wear one of these¬†Bernard Shaw Apparels.¬† You have a choice of:¬†Cotton, pre-shrunk¬†for the beaches, or¬†T-shirts, including pyjamas and hoodies¬†for Men and Women.¬† They call this a George Bernard Shaw Dress … let me know why?

You can even find a nice new pullover for your best friend i.e. Dog.

Shaw is probably one of your most invaluable property, worthy of a Bernard Shaw Keychain and a Bernard Shaw Keyring to hold your house and office keys.

Wherever you go, remember to have a Bernard Shaw License Plate!¬† There are options: this one¬†with Shaw’s photo, or you prefer one without?

Perhaps you will be thinking about giving yourself or your beloved a treat?  There is Bernard Shaw Jewellry: Pendant, Or you like this Pendant instead?  This one may be nicer?  Ask her!

Ah yes!¬† Don’t forget your grandma, or you would like your grandchildren to get this¬†poster for you!

You may be attending a party (or parties) and would like something nice and seasonal for your hosts.  What about these fabulous works of art?  Glass Sculpture, or this glass plate: remember to take Option 3 to show your loyalty to Shaw!

Should you want any of the above, remember to put a George Bernard Shaw Stamp on you Letter to Santa!

Happy Holidays, and All Best Wishes for 2018!




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