Articles on Shaw

An Appraisal at Mid-Century by David Daiches
This article examines Shaw’s position and relevance as a playwright in the 20th century, and acknowledges the creative and contemporary nature of his works.

An Open Letter to George Bernard Shaw by Joseph Wood Krutch
An avid reader of Shaw’s works commits his opinions and questions to paper as he writes a letter to Shaw challenging his previous statements and beliefs, yet acknowledges him as a writer whose works will remain present in the future.

Broadway Postscript
A director known for bringing the works of Shakespeare to stage challenges the popular conception of Shaw’s writing styles, and claims that the effect of Shaw’s plays have diminished now that today’s plays are more realistic than those in the Shakespearean age.

Discography by Fred Grunfeld
This article explores a new way of enjoying Shaw’s plays – on records.

Literary Landmark by Nelson Lansdale
A brief description dedicated to Shaw’s old house, now a literary landmark.

Shaw as Wells Saw Him, H. G. Wells
In an obituary written for Shaw, Wells recalls the relationship between the two as what he would refer to as “a very close friendly antagonism,” because of their differences in academic beliefs and other issues.

From The Archive
George Bernard Shaw reflects on how his plays should be appreciated when performed in front of an audience.

Cartoons on Shaw

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