Shaw Bibliography by Charles Carpenter

Professor Charles Carpenter is a great authority on Shaw Bibliography.

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Alphabetical List of Sources with two or more letters (many others have one)

Archer:  Archer, Charles. William Archer: Life, Work, and Friendships. 1931

Astor: Bernard Shaw and Nancy Astor. Ed. J. P. Wearing. 2005

Barker: Bernard Shaw’s Letters to Granville Barker. Ed. C. B. Purdom. 1956

Barnes:  Barnes, Kenneth R. Welcome, Good Friends: The Autobiography of Kenneth R. Barnes. 1958

Bax:  Bax, Clifford, ed. Florence Farr, Bernard Shaw, W.B. Yeats: Letters. 1942 

BeaumontHuggett, Richard. Binkie Beaumont: Eminence Grise of the West End Theatre 1933-1973. 1989

Bright:  Bright, R. E. Golding. Advice to a Young Critic, and Other Letters. Ed. E. J. West. 1955

Brockway:  Brockway, Fenner. Outside the Right: A Sequel to Inside the Left, with a Lost Play by G. Bernard Shaw. 1963

Caine:  Allen, Vivian. Hall Caine: Portrait of a Victorian Romancer. 1997

Calvert:  Calvert, Adelaide Helen. Sixty-Eight Years on the Stage. 1911

Campbell:  Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Their Correspondence. 1952

Chappelow:  Chappelow, Allan. Shaw the Villager and Human Being: A Biographical Symposium. 1962.

Cockerell:  Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle. The Best of Friends: Further Letters to Sydney Carlyle Cockerell. Ed. Viola Meynell. 1956

Cohen:  Cohen, Harriet. A Bundle of Time: The Memoirs of Harriet Cohen. 1969

Conolly:  Conolly, L. W. Bernard Shaw and the BBC. 2009

Cornwallis-West:  Quelch, Eileen. Perfect Darling: The Life and Times of George Cornwallis-West. 1972

Devlin:  Devlin, Diana. A Speaking Part: Lewis Casson and the Theatre of His Time. 1982

Dickens:  Laurence, Dan H., and Martin Quinn, eds. Shaw on Dickens. 1985

Douglas:  Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas: A Correspondence. Ed. Mary Hyde. 1982

DunbarDunbar, Janet. Mrs. G.B.S.: A Portrait. 1963

Egerton:  Egerton, George. A Leaf from The Yellow Book. 1958

Elgar:  Elgar, Edward. Letters of a Lifetime. Ed. Jerrold Northrop Moore. 1990

Elliot:  Elliot, Vivian, ed. Dear Mr Shaw: Selections from Bernard Shaw’s Postbag. 1987

 Ervine:  Ervine, St. John. Bernard Shaw: His Life, Work and Friends. 1956

 Evans:  Forbes, Bryan. Ned’s Girl: The Authorized Biography of Dame Edith Evans. 1977

 Farleigh:  Farleigh, John. Graven Image: An Autobiographical Textbook. 1940

 Gregory:  Gregory, Lady Augusta. Shaw, Lady Gregory and the Abbey: A Correspondence and a Record. Ed. Dan H. Laurence and Nicholas Grene. 1993

 Hamon:  George Bernard Shaw et Augustin Hamon: les premiers temps d’une correspondance (1893-1913). Ed. Patrick Galliou. 4 vols. 1998

 Hardwicke:  Hardwicke, Cedric. A Victorian in Orbit: The Irreverent Memoirs of Sir Cedric Hardwicke. 1961

 Harris:  The Playwright and the Pirate: Bernard Shaw and Frank Harris: A Correspondence. Ed. Stanley Weintraub. 1982

 Henderson 1:  Henderson, Archibald. Bernard Shaw: Playboy and Prophet. 1932

 Henderson 2:  Henderson, Archibald. George Bernard Shaw: Man of the Century. 1956

 Holroyd:  Holroyd, Michael. Bernard Shaw. 4 vols. 1988-92

 Hurd:  Hurd, Michael. Immortal Hour: The Life and Period of Rutland Boughton. 1962

 Jackson:  Bernard Shaw and Barry Jackson. Ed. Leonard W. Conolly. 2002

 Ker:  Ker, Ian. G. K. Chesterton: A Biography. 2011

 Lane:  Hare, Steve, ed. Penguin Portrait: Allen Lane and the Penguin Editors, 1935-1970. 1995

 Lawrence 1:  Lawrence, Thomas Edward. Letters to T. E. Lawrence. Ed. A. W. Lawrence. 1962

 Lawrence 2:  Lawrence, Thomas Edward. Correspondence with Bernard and Charlotte Shaw 1922-1926. Ed. Jeremy and Nicole Wilson. 2000

 Loraine:  Loraine, Winifred. Robert Loraine: Soldier, Actor, Airman. 1938

 McCarthy:  McCarthy, Lillah. Myself and My Friends. 1933

 McLachlan:  Benedictines of Stanbrook. In a Great Tradition: Tribute to Dame Laurentia McLachlan, Abbess of Stanbrook. 1956

 McNulty:  McNulty, Edward. Memoirs of G.B.S. Ed. Dan H. Lawrence. SHAW 12 (1992): 5-46

 Meisel:  Meisel, Martin. Shaw and the Nineteenth-Century Theater. 1963

 MooreMoore, Helen M. “George Bernard Shaw and the Bishop’s Daughter.” Carnegie Magazine 59 iv (1988): 22-29

 Murray:  Bernard Shaw and Gilbert Murray. Ed. Charles A. Carpenter. 2012 (forthcoming; dates of letters included with selected text)

 O’Casey 1:  O’Casey, Sean. The Letters of Sean O’Casey 1910-41, vol. I. Ed. David Krause. 1975

 O’Casey 2:  O’Casey, Eileen. Cheerio, Titan: The Friendship Between George Bernard Shaw and Eileen and Sean O’Casey. 1989

 Page:  Page, Will A. Beyond the Curtains of the Broadway Beauty Trust. 1927

 Park:  Park, Julian, ed. “Some Unpublished Letters by George Bernard Shaw.” University of Buffalo Studies, 1939

 Pascal:  Bernard Shaw and Gabriel Pascal. Ed. Bernard F. Dukore. 1996

 Pearson:  Pearson, Hesketh. Bernard Shaw: His Life and Personality. 1963

 Peters 1:  Peters, Margot. Bernard Shaw and the Actresses. 1980

 Peters 2:  Peters, Margot, ed. Shaw on Women. 1992

 Pharand:  Pharand, Michel W. Bernard Shaw and the French. 2000

 Publishers: Bernard Shaw and His Publishers. Ed. Michel W. Pharand. 2009

 Rhys:  Rhys, Ernest. Letters from Limbo. 1936

 Richards:  Grant Richards. Author Hunting. 1934

 Robson:  Belmont, Eleanor Robson. The Fabric of Memory. 1957

 Russell:  Russell, Bertrand. The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, 1914-1944. 1968

 Samuel:  Laurence, Dan H. “Katie Samuel: Shaw’s Flameless ‘Old Flame.’” SHAW  15 (1995): 3-19

 Soboleva:  Soboleva, Olga, and Angus Wrenn. The Only Hope of the World: George Bernard Shaw and Russia. 2012

 SomervilleRauchbauer, Otto. The Edith Œnone Somerville Archive in Drishane. 1995

 Terry:  Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw: A Correspondence.Ed. Christopher St. John. 1931

 Theatrics:  Theatrics. Ed. Dan H. Laurence. 1995

 Thompson: E. P. Thompson. William Morris, Romantic to Revolutionary. 2nd ed. 1977

 Tompkins:  To a Young Actress: The Letters of Bernard Shaw to Molly Tompkins.  Ed. Peter Tompkins. 1961

 Trebitsch 1:  Bernard Shaw’s Letters to Siegfried Trebitsch. Ed. Samuel A. Weiss. 1986

 Trebitsch 2:  “Bernard Shaw’s Further Letters to Siegfried Trebitsch.” Ed. Samuel A. Weiss. SHAW 20 (2000): 220-44 

 Tunney:  Tunney, Jay R. The Prizefighter and the Playwright: Gene Tunney and Bernard Shaw. 2011

 Ward:  Ward, Maisie. Gilbert Keith Chesterton. 1943

 Webbs:  Webb, Stanley and Beatrice. Bernard Shaw and the Webbs. Ed. Alex C. Michalos and Deborah C. Poff. 2002

 Wells:  Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells. Ed. J. Percy Smith. 1995

 Wheeler:  Wheeler, Margaret. Letters from Margaret: Correspondence Between Bernard Shaw and Margaret Wheeler 1944-1950. 1992

 Winsten:  Winsten, Stephen. Jesting Apostle: The Private Life of Bernard Shaw. 1957

 Wisenthal:  Wisenthal, J. L. Shaw’s Sense of History. 1988

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