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Video Essay: Let’s follow Shaw’s footsteps around the world!

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Shaw was born on 26th July 1856 at 33 Synge Street, Dublin, Ireland. It was not until 1932 when he made a world tour with his wife Charlotte Payne Townshend, a wealthy Irish heiress. But before that, he went to a few places.
Shaw travelled in luxurious ocean liners, but he never forgot to talk (and write) about politics while he was travelling. He was also a good swimmer, and could play the gallant and be chivalrous to ladies. Above all, he was a human being, and would run for cover once it rained.  (Rare!) Various Scenes with George Bernard Shaw 
Shaw was famous for his public speeches, and his toasts at dinners.  Here is a rare video showing Shaw giving a speech at a dinner in honour of Albert Einstein.

Think about Pygmalion, and Shaw has a lot to say about Spoken English.

Shaw, the famous playwright, has numerous engagements with theatres.  Without doubt, he was needed at the founding of the National Theatre.  This 1938 newsreel clip shows Shaw receiving the deeds for the future National Theatre from Sir Robert Vansittart.

Here is the famous tree-planting at Malvern.

Shaw also went to the USA. Here is his first visit to America in 1928. When Shaw was in the USA, his footsteps could be found in New York at the Metropolitan Opera House, where he made the major address on 11 April 1933 on “The Future of Political Science in America.” This talk, sponsored by the Academy of Political Science was broadcast on radio nationwide. In California, Shaw went to the spectacular castle “La Cuesta Encantada” (“The Enchanted Hill”) of William Randolph Hearstin in San Simeon.

Here is Shaw in South Africa and taking his first flight.

In 1936, Shaw went to Miami, Florida.  Here is an interview, complete with Shaw dancing a little jig.

Here is Shaw in America. Obviously, he was enjoying himself before the camera. He blew his nose, prepared himself, and noted how great it was to be able to see him, meet him in person rather than just reading his books. Playfully, he put on different expressions, and narrated anecdotes of the little girl asking for his autograph.  Here is (Rare!) George Bernard Shaw’s First Visit To America 
Here is Shaw boarding an aeroplane: a Stinson, in San Francisco in about 1932. He honestly confessed he did not know much about this new invention.  Have a look at George Bernard Shaw and the Stinson SM-6000-B
Here is another scene from an interview on board his ship.

To have a glimpse of Shaw in the 1930’s to 1940’s, here is a video showing George Bernard Shaw and Wynne Bassett-Lowke.

Here is Bernard Shaw in Russia.

Here is less a press interview, than how Shaw prepared for a press interview in 1930-1939.

How did the 90-year-old Shaw look like? Here is Bernard Shaw working in his writing hut in 1946 (though it does not have any sound).

Enjoy a documentary showing the village of Ayot St. Lawrence with Shaw at Shaw’s Corner, 1949

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