Chichester Festival Theatre reviews for Heartbreak House

Critic Dominic Cavendish writes of the unfortunate underuse of the brilliant Derek Jacobi in the Chicester Festival Theatre’s production of Heartbreak House: The Telegraph

Reviewer Michael Billington declares the Shaw play Heartbreak House a bit “bland” and comments that the only redeeming quality of the production was the performance from actor Derek Jacobi (who played Captain Shotover), whose acting skills created moments of great distinction within a rather “dull” play: The Guardian

From the perspective of reviewer Henry Hitchings, actor Derek Jacobi drives the “pessimistic” play forward. He also comments on the performance of a fellow actress, Emma Fielding, who brings a “teasing vitality” to the role of Hesione Hushabye: London Evening Standard

In this Mid Sussex Times review, Gary Shipton summarizes the play with grim details of the production’s failure to bring to the stage the authenticity of Shaw’s play: Mid Sussex Times

Elizabeth Fitzherbert praises the strong performances of the actors, as it aids in delivering a “completely frivolous comedy on manners.” However, she writes, some moments in the play seem over exaggerated and drawn out, which take back from the production: The Wall Street Journal

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