Shaw’s Corner

Shaw’s Corner, now managed by the National Trust, is situated at Ayot St Lawrence, near Welwyn, Hertfordshire AL6 9BX Telephone: 01438 829221 (Infoline)

Here, you can learn more about the architecture of the house and garden. Shaw lived here from 1906 to 1950. You can find his clothes, his shoes, his glasses, his typewriter, and of course, his books.

Shaw’s Corner is an Arts and Crafts House built in 1902, in which Shaw lived for over 40 years. The main advocates of the Arts and Crafts Movement were Shaw’s friends, John Ruskin (1819-1900) and William Morris (1834-1896). This reform movement which started in the 1860s challenged Victorian materialism and restored the importance of craftsmanship and skills. It highlighted the craftsman creating beautiful objects, versus the standardized manufactured consumer products forged by industry. Look at how Shaw’s Corner reflects the features of the Arts and Crafts House:


Use of natural and simple materials--wood and stone








Low-pitched roof


Exterior chimney


Built-in shelves and cabinets


Built-in seating


The bathroom

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